Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Win or Lose Just Happy it Ended! (Annual Bees Game)

In August we finally got around to having our annual Fergy Night out at the Bees Game.  We chose a night that they were having fireworks, but unfortunately that makes for a VERY late & long night at the game.
Everyone did pretty well at the game especially our wee Sophie who ate and slept the whole night away.
The twins were a bit restless and we must have ran a bout a mile trying to chase them back down after their bi-minutely run-offs.  Here is this pic Josh is siting next to uncle Dennis at the table like a big boy; unfortunately right after this pic he fell face first off this bench and messed up his pretty little mug for the next week.
In site of the strange music they played this time the fireworks were wonderful. It was nice to see a good fireworks show after the dud show we got to see from our car on the Fourth of July.
After the game Phoebe got to have one of her very first sleepover every with Aunt Megan & uncle Blake.  She had tons of fun and talked about it non stop when she came home the next day.  Sophie also tried to sneak off with Megan but, but luckily for us we saw her mischievous doings and took her  home with us.
We had fun at the NEVER-ENDING baseball game, but we definitely have had our fix for AT LEAST another year for maybe even two, it depends how quickly we forget how about all the chasing down of children we really had to do.

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