Monday, September 12, 2011

Fergy Day Campout '11

Every year for Labor Day we have a camp-out in grandma+pa Fergy's back yard. This year we started by roasting hot dogs for dinner.
After Dinner Grandma had a special treat for all the kids.  Feather princess crowns & wands for the girls and light sabers and Spider-man masks for the boys.
After dinner we cleaned up and put on a movie outside for the kids while all the tents were set up. We discoverd how much Josh really loved tents. He kept running in them all before they were even set up.
For our last big event of the night we all gathered round the camp fire and roasted marshmallows in all varieties and starburts.
The next morning we packed up the tents and had yummy homemade blueberry pancakes. You can tell by Josh's face he really loved the blueberries. We then had a lazy fun morning filled with playtime, swinging, nail painting, bug watching, and stamps.
Lunch brought excellent Training Table style hamburgers and very messing Popsicles. Some of my children made such a mess of their clothes, they will forever bear the sings of another fun Labor Day weekend at Grandma's
My kids loved spending soo much time playing with all the cousins that they are excited for this tradition every year and cry & cry when it is over.

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