Monday, September 12, 2011

4 Mos

My baby is growing up too fast and I am not happy with it at all. On Labor day she turned 4 mos old and to celebrate the next dy we went in for her 4 month Dr appt. She got 2 shots and cried 2 cried and then was done. She is the happiest baby ever, she couldn't even get made enough to really cry about her shots.

Sophie Marie's 4 month Stats:
Weight: 13.11 lbs (50% for girls)
Height: 24 in (50% for girls)

We teach 'em young, GO DUCKS!

This month we went to the pediatric ophthalmologist and he looked at Sophie eyes and told us once again everything looked healthly, but she was experiencing Delayed Visual Maturation. This means that she is just slow in developing all her visual skills and she should be fine & just give her some more time.  He also said if in the next month she isn't tracking more smoothly or past midline that we should bring her back, but we have already seen improvements in these areas so she will not have to be going back anytime soon! Sophie now always sleeps through the night and is very giggly when you tickle her. She doesn't mind tummy time nearly as much as the other kids & at 4 mos she was almost rolling over but now at 4 mos and 1 weeks she is fully rolling, mainly for her back to tummy, but we have also see her roll the other way too.

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