Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Our Very First Sunbeam

Last Sunday was Phoebe's first time in Primary.  She is now a Sunbeam, a class for 3 & 4 yr old in the LDS church.  She was a bit skeptic about it and cried when we dropped her off, but hopefully this apprehension to Primary it will be short lived.  After church I asked her if she had fun in  Primary and she told me "Not yet, I miss running around in Nursery."  She always has been a wild child so I am sure now that she has to be reverent it will be a harder adjustment for her.
On Sunday morning we finally got pics of the kids in their Christmas clothes, since we were unable to take pics the week before Christmas due to running late and then having to leave church early because of fevers, tantrums, and diaper explosions.  The kids were minimally cooperative for these pics so you can pick our own favorite picture of them.

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