Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy New Year or The Fergy Five Bite the Dust

On New Years the Fergy family woke up to a fairly normal day, but it became apparent as the day went on mommy and daddy were starting to feel a little under the weather.  It quickly went don hill from there. By the evening we both felt awful with some kind of supper cold flu.  Josh woke up on Sunday looking as white as a ghost with no voice and a fever. We took him to he Dr. that evening and he had croup and an ear infection. We gave him steroids and amoxicillin, which had him crawling and laughing by the next day. It was then I became a total mute which lasted for over a week. On Tuesday Phoebe woke up sick so we took another trip to the Drs.  Her diagnosis, croup and an ear infection, so we started her on the same meds as Josh.
The next morning Cami woke up with one eye red and swollen shut so again we were back at the Drs office.   Her diagnoses, cellulitis & pink eye, which meant back to the pharmacy for her meds.
That afternoon it was my turn at the Drs office where I got drugs for a URI.  Cory never went to the Drs, although I am sure he had the same thing as me.  It took our family a little over a week to recoup from our brush with what Cory and I swear felt like death itself and I hope now our family will be able to actually enjoy the new year.

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Lauren said...

That really stinks. I hope you used up all your 'sick days' and now the rest of the year will be better!