Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Big Red Firetrucks

As many of you probably know Cory is an Architect, but what many of you might not know is Cory's office specializes in designing fire stations and last week his office had a ribbon cutting for the opening of the Herriman, Ut fire station.  To celebrate their new presents & to get to know the community better, the fire station holds open houses where anyone can on a tour throughout the whole fire station; they even let you go up to the firemen dorms and insist you jump on their beds. 
We started our tour by going through the Fire truck bays, checking out the ambulances, and then got to help wash the new firetrucks.  Phoebe was in love with washing the trucks with bubble & we even went back and did it a second time before leaving.  If you ask her she loves to tell everyone the story on how she got to wash the firetrucks.
At the end of tour all the kids got firefighter hats.  Phoebe & Josh were not loving theirs, but Cami put hers on immediately and loved it right up to the point she pulled the elastic strap back and snapped herself in the face, poor baby girl.

Posting side note: 
Many of you had asked me how I have time to ever to do sewing/crafting projects or blog, well I'll tell you a little secret. I either wait tell nap time or I just let the kids play/run a muck while I get things done. The running a muck was the instance last week while blogging. I lock the gate so I know all the kids are up stairs with me and then I let them loose and Josh and Cami last week had a blast emptying my bathroom drawer of all my feminine products and cotton balls.  
What I didn't notcice until he end, however, was Josh was eating the cotton balls which you can see if you look closely in the pictures; it's like I'm living with a mini buddy the elf, complete with the curly hair and everything.

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Lauren said...

I too blog during nap time, or movie time. And your little Josh reminded me on why I have baby gates set up all over the apartment, so that my bathroom can be protected from my little Josh.