Wednesday, January 26, 2011

January's Date Night & My Children's Favorite Toys

For January's date night I planned a mini progressive dinner noodles & pie.  It is actually because of the movie The Santa Clause 2.  Santa asks Carol (his future wife) in the movie to go on a date with him for noodles & pie, well Cory and I for some reason thought that was funny so I planned our own noodles & pie date.  For noodles we went to Noodles & Company  a place we have been curious to try for a long time & it didn't disappoint. 
For dessert I gave Cory the choice of Village Inn, Marie Callender's or Letherbys (an ice cream shop).  Cory chose Marie Callender's, because pie is what they are famous for, man were they a let down!  Neither Cory or I liked our pies and we were grateful that we also ordered hot cocoa because it was the only redeeming part of dessert.
A pic of both of our meals which we did or didn't get to enjoy eating.

After thought:
This is why buying toys for our kids isn't worth the money.  Last week we went to Costco and stocked up on many items including TP. Out of laziness we didn't put things away immediately and then we soon discovered this pack of TP has brought our kids more enjoyment than any toy we have recently bought them, so we have just left it sitting in our living room.  All of our kiddos are continually climbing up on the TP and on occasion all three of them even fight to be the one getting to sit on our special TP chair.  Yesterday, Phoebe even took a  sick day cat nap on top of the TP. 


I'm Paige said...

I LOVE THE TP CHAIR! Your kiddos are so cute. I have to totally agree with you on toy money. No matter what's in front of her our daughter always prefers hangers, plastic wrap and magazines.

Lauren said...

Josh got the cap to David's shaving gel and played with it all day yesterday. We hardly ever buy toys because the whole world is a toy to Josh right now.