Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Turkey Day '10

For Thanksgiving we always eat at Grandma/pa Fergy's house & 2 things always hold true there 1. The food will be delicious & 2. The turkey that is served will outweigh Phoebe. This year we were mightier in numbers so to fit everyone in it was suggested that dinner be served in the garage.  Grandma bought a special area heater to heat the area, however, after 9 hours of running and outside highs of 19 and lows of -2.  The fan could only heat the garage to the 50s, so the party and to be moved to to a warmer area. The downstairs living room, which worked perfectly after all he couches were picked up and stacked in the sewing room to make way for people and tables
After the sitting was figured out all that was left was the food, which is always a trick of timing in of itself.  We ended up eating an hour later than planned due to  mis-functioning oven, but it was well worth the wait!  There was so much yummy food one large dinning room table couldn't hold it all, which always makes Cory one happy guy.  I have now decided I no longer plan to ever be pregnant for anymore Thanksgivings, because after one measly plate of food I was sadly full.
Speaking of sad the twiner who are normally happy hungry babies were both teething so little eating and lots of crying described their Thanksgiving festivities. 
Zack, Phoebe's 7 mo young cousin knows how o eat and I had to get this picture of him stuffing his face, literally with food, because once again Phoebe misses the whole point of Thanksgiving when we tried to get her to eat turkey and in protest she put both hands over her mouth and refused to anything.
At the end of the night after we stripped the twins down in order to cool off their little teething fevers we discovered that they both LOVE ice cream & Cami is a girl after my own heart and loves to lick the salt off pretzels (She snuck into the sacks off food on the floor and stole this sack for herself.)
After dinner and desert & before the traditional Black Friday ads were perused we did our traditional ornament exchange.  This years theme was Christmas Balls. I of course as always get my idea for what I will make in way be in the prior January of the year and have my ornaments made by summer.  I was especially happy with how mine turned out this year, WAY CUTE! 
After all the exchanges and ad perusing which had to be done quickly this year due to the lateness. It was time to pack up our cranky kids and head home to get a good night sleep before the next big day of shopping and cooking ahead.

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