Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Sticky Situation or the Tale of the Quiet Play Time

In a another attempt to get our non-eater eating I tried something new, caramel dip with apples.  It had been working for a couple days...until it didn't. This is the crime scene of the sticky situation.
Phoebe had decided to do some finger painting with the caramel, although, I am not sure how it went from that to her new "hair gel".  Being the good sister that Phoebe is,  she just had to include her brother in all the fun she was having. 
When she came & found me to tell me her hands were sticky I assumed it was a normal amount of finger sticky from nicely eating all her yummy apple.  When I looked up and saw the total existent of sticky damage, I assessed that a bath, lots of soap, and shampoo would have to be involved to get this mess off their bodies and out of their hair.

Moral of the story: NEVER, NEVER believe that when your kids are quietly playing that anything good is going on.

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Lauren said...

Oh wow... what a mess! Quiet time is a dangerous time for toddlers. Last time it happened here I had to spend a long time on my hands and knees (while 9 months pregnant) scrubbing the ink off the wall and door.