Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Black Friday Fergy Style

Thanksgiving this year brought a lot of snow, how much you may ask...13 inches worth.  Our backyard was buried in the white stuff and the roofs had several feet worth of pretty ice crystals hanging from them.
With the day off and lots of snow Cory took the opportunity to take Phoebe out and build her very first snowmen.  Since we are lazy and don't love reveling in frostbite we took the easy way our and made snow men out of the snow in our backyard lounge chairs, which in my opinion with snow covering them always look like people are sitting in them anyways, so why now snow people.  Phoebe loved doing this and since we got her a monkey hat and gloves and grandma Potts got her a warm coat she loved playing in the snow and had be begging to make snowmen outside for days, she even got desperate to pray about it one night in her prayers.  The end result was so adorable I am sad that they ever melted away.
While daddy and Phoebe were shopping and playing in the snow I was cooking our own families Thanksgiving dinner, a tradition we started a couple years ago because we missed having a weeks worth of leftovers for ourselves.  The twins where happier this time for food and even enjoyed eating a bit & the Dr would be proud that Phoebe finally took part in the part of her new diet that required gravy to be poured over all her meat.
This meal wasn't as bountiful as was the day before, but it still lasted up for 4 full solid days of nothing but left overs.  The only change I would make for next year is a larger turkey.  I thought 9.5 lbs would be huge for us, but sadly I underestimate the amount of bones and water that factor into that weight.  Next Year nothing short of 12-15lbs with grace our families table.

This year in the Thankful Turkey we were thankful for:
Phoebe- Santa Clause, Mickey Mouse, Trains, Doggies, Princess', Mermaids, Cookies, Dress-ups, Cami & Josh, Mommy & Daddy, Turkey, & House ( I'm in my house)
Mommy- Daddy, Be a SAHM, Babies that Eat
Daddy- 3 & Soon to Be 4 Babies, Beautiful Music (little babies singing), Space Heaters

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Annie said...

I'm cooking a 10 lb turkey tomorrow and I was thinking the same thing. When I bought it 10 lb sounded huge. When I really got looking at him today I decided next time we'll go bigger. =)