Monday, June 7, 2010

Baby Woes

The last two weeks have been a big adjustment to our wee twiners.
FIRST: Both of the twiners got their first teeth in the very same week (their bottom two).
SECOND: Up until last Friday the twiners have shared one crib.  We have kept it that way, even though we have two cribs, because they slept better next to each other. Due to sisters incessant rolling we now have to split the two up for safety reasons (shown in the picture below, brother is a saint to put up with his sister and never complains).  The two don't know quite what to do without one another and instead of falling asleep within 15 minutes of bing laid down, now lay there for HOURS before falling asleep.
Misc. things from the month of May:
Phoebe put the bow in sisters hair...I know it is special looking, but it made me laugh and Cami was so thrilled her sister was playing with her.
Oh no it looks like we have another feather lover!!!  We always find feathers either in sisters little hands or in her mouth as she is chewing on them.

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