Monday, June 7, 2010


Ever since Cory saw a list of the most fattening fast food items.  He has had this morbid desire to eat the top three.  So last Saturday he consumed the Wendy's Baconator, KFC's Double Down & Coldstones' PBJ shake.
This meant that he ate:
3530 calories (normal daily allowance: 2,500)
225 g fat (normal daily allowance 60g)
3400g sodium (normal daily allowance 2400MG)
153 g sugar (normal daily allowance 40g)

Other fun fact about this meal the PBJ shake (which Cory didn't really like, but felt obligated to finish) has the fat equivalent of 68 pieces of bacon.

At first some of the numbers don't look that alarming, but remember this was just in one meal of the day.  He is very proud of his achievements especially because I told the KFC cashier what my husband was dong and she thought that he must have been a real big guy. 

One last ice cream note: In the last month Phoebe has fallen in love with ice cream. She always asks to see the ice cream truck and every morning I ask Phoebe what she dreamed about and every days she says,  "Ice cream".


Emily Alder said...

Phoebe is a girl after my own heart! I dream about ice cream, too.

Plus... 68 strips of bacon?! That absolutely does NOT make me want to try to PBJ shake. Ick.

The Petterssons said...

Wow!! I think eating all that would make my baby come early!!

PMG Smith Family said...

This is one of the most weirdly fascinating posts I have ever read. I'm not sure I could survive eating all three of those things in the same day, let along in one meal. I feel my arteries clogging up...

On a side note, cute little Phoebe, I so love ice cream too! :o)