Monday, November 3, 2014

I'm Comin' Home- Oregon 2014

Way back in the end of August we took our annual road trip to Oregon. We had a milestone along the way when our van finally hit 100,000 miles, of course we had to snap a pic of it. We also had to stop at our Rowena exit and snap a pic, an must do tradition of ours!
The first day of our visit we just relaxed and the kiddos got to pick Grandpa's apple tree clean something they really enjoyed doing!
On Thursday we took the whole gang to the Oregon State Fair, which growing up was a annual MUST! I was excited to get to do it again for the first time in 12 yrs. I loved that even though it had been so many years since I last went most everything was still the same as I remembered it from growing up. One change they did have though was multiple petting zoos with the kiddos loved, well Phoebe didn't love the deer that ate grandpa's shoe and her shirt leaving a large grass stain in it. While at the fair I got to introduce Cory to a classic Oregon fair food Elephant ears... I love those things! The kids also got to enjoy several fair rides, something we have't ever done before...they can't wait to go back and do that again!
This is just a random pic of Cami in Grandpa's fishing hat...oh so fashionable.
On Friday We headed to the beach. the weather wasn't perfect but we were glad it was only gray & a bit foggy, but NOT windy. We buried ourselves in the sand, wrote our names & collected LOTS of cool rocks, crabs and shells.
Towards the end we had a couple dodos fall in the freezing water so we left to change in warn dry clothes.
On Saturday Cory and I took a trip down to Eugene to shop in our beloved UofO bookstore, meet up with Josh & Emily for dinner and to carpool the game and where we saw Cory's first LIVE Ducks football game in Autzen stadium. The game was just a bit cooler than I would have preferred, but at least it was dry and we WON!
Sunday was a BBQ with Uncle Rob and Aunt Lucy. Uncle Rob taught the kids to play Frisbee and to ride his bike around the yard (those pics are some of my all time favs!) while Aunt Lucy and Josh made one GIANT heart cookie that was delicious.
I honestly have NO clue what we did on Monday, but on Tuesday we went up to Portland to OMSI and huge-o children's museum a favorite place of mine growing up. Josh Love the life sized animatronic dinosaurs and Cami was in love with the pipes and hoses experimenting room. The kids loved blowing out the balls from hoses and doing it again and again! We really could have played all day and still have wanted more, but unfortunately after 4 hrs it was time for us to get on the road headed back home.
On the way home we broke up the trip with an overnight stay in Bakers City, which was actually nice and relaxing vs punching out the whole  14 hr trip straight. I think this may be a new tradition of ours on the way home, we have already picked out fun gondola rides in Portland for next years last day of trip fun. Looking forward to next years trip already!

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