Thursday, August 21, 2014

June 2014Tidbits

Blog catch-up...back in June we started spending our prize money and the first item bought was this adorable kids picnic bench and umbrella, the kids have loved eating at it, although have a bad habit of forgetting to finish their food before running off or leaving nasty food out for bugs to get.
In the beginning of June I also was chosen to host another Houseparty, this one was for's new DNA kits. I have to say this was a pretty cool party. I have always liked ancestry, but they are kinds expensive and this party let me 6 months free subscription AND a free DNA heritage test (worth $100) for free. It is a really cool product and I even found some close cousins I never knew even existed and they had TONS of cool pics and facts! I found out I am 91% European overall with a breakdown of 36% Irish, 25% Italian, 12% Scandinavian, along with trace other regions.
In June we finally got Sophie's new bike up and running, which had loves!
We celebrated Father's day with a fun new breakfast I found off pinterest, pancakes with bacon inside, Pretty darn yummy! Phoebe surprised us with a lunch in bead after our Sunday naps (pancakes & a banana) For dinner Cory requested smothered burritos and a dessert of Donn'a famous chocolate cake! Phoebe made Cory a cute card and hung it on the door, we also had lots of cute colorings and surveys done to celebrate the day.
June also marked our family's first ever camping trip! The kids practiced their fire roasting skills the day before on their roaster play set. The next day we left an hour earlier than need be because we were camping with the church ward and we have never set up our tent before and we were afraid that we would make fools of ourselves doing to, so we got there early to setup alone, everything went perfectly, no need to be embarrassed about our awesome tent skills. They kids were really excited to camp but freaked out about all the bugs in nature! This was a pretty fun trip but we definitely learned our 4 person tent is WAY t small for this family to comfortably sleep in!
The day we got home one of our neighbors was throwing a HUGE carnival to raise $25,000 for her 6 yr old son "gator" to have a heart transplant, so we went and did our part to support the cause. We had treats, played tons of games, got our faces painted and did fun photo booth photos. It was a pretty fun event and the kids were over the moon about their face paint and kinds upset we made them wash it off for church the next day.
June also marked another Fergy first, the first time we have ever taken the kids to a movie theater. We decided to be bold and take our wiggly kids to see the Lego movie at the $1 theater. Both Cory an Sophie slept during a majority of the movie while I was nodded off but never slept. the older 3 kids loved it however especially because they got a big popcorn to share.
For the month of June I sent the twins to summer school since Phoebe was still in school, they learned lots of fun outdoor / science stuff, unfortunately putting on their pants the right was was not one of the skills acquired..this is how I picked them up for school one day, I guess I wasn't really observant on their outfits as we ran out the door that morning.
In the end of June we had our Fergy Summer soirĂ©e. This time we went up into the canyon and had a dinner roast. They kids loved it because it had a fun creek by our picnic site and then we got to have a fun s'mores bar at the end. To end the evening the older cousins read scary stories (not too scary thought) to the rest of the family. Our kiddos loved this Fergy party except the fact we tried polish dogs and both Sophie and Phoebe hated them and ended out barfing it all back up in the middle of the night. Note to self: NEVER buy those again!
Have I ever mentioned I love our lazy Sunday Afternoons, naps movies, no places to run, it is awesome when paired with morning church! 
The end of June also brought a new experience for me, sushi. Let me start of by saying I am NOT a fish lover.  I went our with a group of friends at not the restaurant if my choice because I heard they lad lots of other non fishy food too, which they did. I was pressured into trying a bite of a Vegas roll because it was cooked and had cream cheese and hardly any fish in it, I was told it was awesome. My verdict...glad I didn't pay for this, I am still NOT a fish lover!
This pretty wraps up our June except for the GINORMOUS amount of work we have started in our backyard, but that is in a different post!

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