Thursday, August 21, 2014

Goodbye Kindergarten...Hello 1st Grade!

In the beginning of July our little Phoebe graduated kindergarten, which she was SUPER excited about! She is looking forward to first grade where she will eat lunch at school.
For teacher gifts this year we get cute pitchers that said thanks for pouring your heart in to teaching, Phoebe was a little to eager to hand it to her teacher and when she grabbed it she didn't get a good hold on it and it smashed all over the sidewalk. NUTS! Mom and Phoebe both cried a bit about this...what can I say we are girls and it was a bit of an emotional last day. This was Phoebe's teacher Mrs. Rotinni, Phoebe has LOVED, LOVED, LOVED having her as her teacher; I am  bit surprised how happy Phoebe looks in the pic, because she had been crying over the broken gift to her teacher.
After only 3 weeks of summer vacation it was time for Phoebe to start school again; we are on yr round school here, which call me nutty, I like!
Phoebe really excited to start 1st grade in her French immersion program which means she has 1/2 a day in English with Mrs. Heineke's & a 1/2 a day in French. Her french teacher, however, delayed for 2 weeks in coming to America so Phoebe's beloved Mrs Rotinni is subbing for two weeks!
This year Phoebe has to line up with the rest of the school and not in the special kindergarten courtyard, she is getting so old.
On the first day of school Phoebe's class got to bring a stuffed animal to sit on their desk and keep them company on such a long day of school. Phoebe chose to take Sophie's peacock, an animal she has tried to adopt as her own. As a special treat we also got Phoebe a new book to give her when she got home, Pinkalicious: School Rules!
So far she has had 3 weeks of school and only one week of french, but she is having a boll and doing well.

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McDowell Family said...

I love her hair at the end of the day! She must have played hard!!