Monday, October 7, 2013

The Fergy Family Gets Blown Away

A couple weeks ago the Fergy Clan all gathered for our annual Fergy Photo shoot. This year Grandma Fergy chose to have teal as our color and to pose out at the Great SaltAir. It was a pretty sunny evening, however we had mini hurricane winds to be pictured in. You will note our blowing hair really shows the windy weather we were standing in. There were several occasions where we just had to turn our back to the wind and take the salt & sand pelting that was being dished out by the strong winds.
Grandma/pa Fergy & all 15 grand-kiddos (which as of last Saturday is already out of date, there are now 16)
I thought our family pictures turned out pretty  cute & you can all see their the kiddos LOVED standing in the water at the the beach-y location!
The kiddos LOVED dancing in the shallow warn water, we had to tell them several times to come back on the beach out of the water so others would get their pics done.
The kids all had a blast even though the winds raged so hard that it whirled up mini water typhoons out on the lake.
Since this was the Great Salt Lake the time the kiddos spend in the water all the salt residue water began to build up & weighed down Josh's paints until they became so heavy they kept falling down.
I thought this was a fun picture shoot because if the fun different location and the fact that we only had 2 poses each family could do so it only took about 1 hr instead of the normal marathon 2-3 hr Fergy Family photo shoots that normally happen. 
The kids had so much fun, even though I commented a few times about the strong rotten egg smell, they thanked Heavenly Father that night for getting to go to the beach and play.  I guess we should make more of an effort to go there, especially since from our new house it only took 25 minutes to get to.

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