Monday, October 7, 2013

Fun Times for Phoebe at Fox Hollow

Green Ribbon Week
Being in school has been truly the BEST for Phoebe, she loves every day of it, especially when there is special fun activities going on. Phoebe was excited for her first spirit/safety week. 
Each day had a theme starting off on Tuesday with Hats off to safety so Phoebe chose to wear her cowgirl hat and curl her hair, which when her sisters saw it made them then beg for the same curly lox.
On Wednesday it was walk to school but I chose not to participate in that since I figured it would take Phoebe at her pace about 1 hr to do and I was not eager to do it with 4 kiddos by myself. On Thursday it was crazy for safety so every one was to have crazy hair. I wan't sure how crazy her hair so I broke out my old 80's crimper, really I think it turned out kinda cute rather than crazy.
Cami LOVED Phoebe's hair and of course wanted the same this, looking at these little cutie's pics with crimped hair it is uncanny how much she looks like I did as a kid!

Zoo Field Trip
A couple weeks ago Phoebe's class got to go on a field trip to the zoo. She was SUPER thrilled to get to go to the zoo, but especially because she got to ride the bus to the zoo! I got to chaperon a group of 5 on this trip and it was fun to get this experience with my cutie Phoebs. 
When we were at the zoo it was a cold snap in the weather and so the zoo was pretty much empty! All the animals were out which was nice; I don't think I have ever seen a Rino so close in my whole life!
The Zoo also had the special Lego expo still going on so it was cool so see all the detailed animals built out of 1000s & 1000s of Legos! The best party of this trip is that we just barley missed getting soaked as we were leaving it started to rain.

Fox Hollow 5K
In the end of Sept Phoebe's school had it's annual PTA fundraiser with a community 5k and silent auction. I signed Phoebe, Cory & I. We actually had no intention of running, but I thought I would sign up and pay to at least show support for the school. 
When we got to the school, however, the kids all wanted to run. I put Cory's shirt on Josh and Cory wore mine and he took the 3 older kiddos "running". The group only made it about 200 ft (1/2 way around the round about) before they decided their hand were frozen and wanted to go home.
When we got home we warmed up the gang with blankets, a movie, & hot cocoa (which they each spilt only a 1/2 dozen or more times :( )
This new school adventure has been a lot of fun so far, hopefully Phoebe will continue to LOVE all her new adventures she will continue to have at Fox Hollow.

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