Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Santa Take 2

Our ward Christmas party which fell in the middle of December this year gave all our kiddo plus their cousin Afton, who we were watching, a second chance to ask the big guy what they wanted for Christmas. Before the party unfortunately, we had to sit in the dark for an hour at our house with no power, so when it was time to go we were really looking forward to it and luckily it didn't disappoint. We had a yummy dinner catered by Golden Corral, one of my Dad's favorite Utah eating spots. 
When then had a cute program followed by a Santa magic show. All he kiddos enjoyed the how and even I was stumped by a few of his Christmas magic tricks. Afton and Josh were bet buds the who evening and I loved how they were sitting so cutely together.
I know Sophie looks mad in her pic but he wasn't just restless to get down.

I thought all the videos were pretty cute and I have no idea why Cami asked for "pink" when all year she had been asking for Tinkerbell, good thing Santa had an insider who knew better.

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