Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Phoebe's Preschool Christmas Program '12

Right before Christmas break Phoebe's Preschool put on their Christmas program where they say lots of cute songs and did a gift exchange.
This year for Phoebe's gift she gave a jumbo sticker book and she was given a motorized toothbrush which she has been absolutely ecstatic about, unfortunately, the batteries in it only lasted about 1 wk and I have been too lazy to replace them.
This year for Christmas Phoebe gave Mrs. Thompson the jumbo size of "Handitizer" (as Phoebe calls it) with her name on it, because what teacher couldn't use that??!!
Grandma Fergy was able to come to Phoebe's program which is always special for her!
I love the cute little programs Phoebe's school puts on but my favorite part was Phoebe's hat, because it was in her words "Hew-gantic" on her.

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