Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Our Mini Oregon Jont

In he beginning of November our little family took a mini 2 day vacation to Ontario, Oregon to pick up my parents old car to use, a HUGE blessing for our wee one car family. On the way we stopped in Boise and saw the temple open house. It was a beautiful day and we all really enjoyed the stop. I think this has to be one of the most beautiful temples I've seen yet. I know I say that about all of them, but the Boise one is a wee different with all their stain glass. Even the Celestial room has a stain glass ceiling in it.
Mormon Temple                                                        
The kids were a little stir crazy from the long  car ride to be super reverent, but luckily we had some of the best tour guides in Boise who REALLY helped up real the twiners in! When all was said and done they even told us how much they loved meeting our family and that we totally made their whole day. I am not sure if we could ever live there apparently Boise is filled with crazies if we were the crazy irreverent family that made their day. As a last favor our guides took our family pics out by the fountain and I think they turned out great!

After the temple we stopped at a little drive-in in Boise we saw on Drive-ins Diners and Dives. It was an old fashion drive in that had a real Am.Certified Chef working in the kitchen. I had the Prime Rib which he was famous for and Cory had Salmon cakes. The kiddos had the best homemade mac and cheese I think I have ever had! Definitely worth the stop at the Westside Drive-in if you are ever in Boise.
After lunch we drove the rest of he way to Ontario to meet my parents and stay for the night, which the kiddos absolutely LOVED!!! Phoebe even got to sleep with grandma in their room which totally made her day, although she said she couldn't sleep too well because of all of Grandpa's snoring. 

My kiddos get so thrilled to see Grandma/pa Potts & the dogs and unfortunately, this trip was far too short for them and when it was time to say goodbye at breakfast poor Phoebe completely melted in one of the saddest  tear fests I have ever seen, it actually broke my heart for her and I started to tear up.
Even though it ended on a really sad not for the kids we had tons of fun on our mini vacation and Cory & I are over the moon thrilled to have a second car to use. THANKS A TON MOM & DAD!


Taylor Family said...

Boise is full of crazies, my family for one! :) Glad you got to see the beautiful temple and to eat at Westside, we love that place. They recently opened a second one on our side of town, I have to exercise extreme discipline! Next time you go through town we hope we get to see you.

Ashley Ferguson Moreno said...

Oh my goodness she looks so sad!!!

McDowell Family said...

The Temple is beautiful! I can't believe the change it went through!! Did you ever see it before? Kind of plain! Next time you come through let us know!!