Tuesday, November 27, 2012

All Hallows Eve 2012

Laely Cory has been into making fun shaped pancakes for the kids so they are more willing to eat them and on Halloween he ventured into spiderweb pancakes, which look quite awesome to me.
After story time at aunt Julie'e we got dressed up to go get free cupcakes at Sweet Tooth Fairy, although they look a bit gory they tasted like strawberry shortcake goodness!
I kinds had poor timing because I feed the kiddos pure sugar and then laid them down for a nap, oh well After the wee nap from the kiddos it was time for the ward trunk-or-treat, one of our most favorite activities of the year!
After about 1/2 of the cars the kiddos treat bags were so large they wanted to just quit an sit own in he middle of the parking lot and begin eating, but I am he mean-o mom who drug them back up to top off their bags of candy with he rest of the cars. They all complained they were tired after the micro amount of walking we did o they finished out the activity eating doughnut in he trunk while we handed out the rest of our candy.

When we got home we indulged in our one a year Chinese takeout feast, we do love this tradition so and count down to it months in advance. All the kiddos seemed to love it or so we thought, Sophie looked like she was gobbling it all up and then we noticed her secret, she was just stashing it all under her bum and not in her tummy.
Once again the amount of trick or treaters was a bi sparse with a total of 9 kids, but that I suppose will all change with next years when we live in our more child abundant neighborhood.

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