Sunday, October 28, 2012

One Little, Twin Little, Three Little Pumpkins

For the first time since we have had kids we haven't had a garden were we grew our own pumpkins, so instead made a trip to a real pumpkin patch. The day we went  to the patch it was quiet muddy and the wind was blowing, so we only had a limited amount of happy time. We started by grabbing a wheel barrow and hauling the kids way out into the patch to find heir own perfect pumpkins
The kids were pretty cute running up and down the paths looking at all the pumpkins not even sure where to start looking.
The kids all picked their own pumpkins with the only rue being you have to be able to carry your own pumpkin. Unfortunately, Sophie's had a soft spot we didn't see so actually a couple days later it rotted out.

After picking out the pumpkins the kids were starting to get cold,  which was too bad because they had lots of cute spots to take pics and we only could get a few snaps in and you will see then we had a few kiddos full of tears and ready to leave.
Once we got home we warm the kiddos up with a warm bath followed by hot cider and grilled cheese sandwiches. I had to take a pic just to remind me what it was like to have 4 kids in a tub. They look mainly all happy in the pic, but let me tell you it is just too crowded and most of the time we just have fights and tears.
We had a lot of fun at the pumpkin patch and we think we will be making it a fun family tradition for many years to come.

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