Sunday, July 15, 2012

We're Swimming and Smore Makin' Fools

This summer we have tons of day spent in our mini kiddo pool. Phoebe and Cami pretty much live in their swimsuits and that's just the way they like it!
We also have had a bit of fun making smores with the kiddos. We are too lazy to take out our mini fire pit and roast mallows the traditional way so instead we use the grill and the kids still have a blast! They LOVE the smores, but Josh & Phoebe get annoyed at the sticky mess they create. On a side note, you may notice Phoebe is wearing a hoody sweat shirtin the & on that particular day it was 99 degrees outside and she was complaining she was cold. WHAT A FREAKY KID I HAVE!
On a side note: The Fergy crew had family pics a couple weeks ago and they turned out really cute! This years's color was grey and we went and took pics at the UofU institute.

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