Sunday, July 15, 2012


$297 REWARD for the capture of the notorious and highly dangerous Jennifer Lynn Ferguson.
I am sure that was the exact wording for my arrest warrant.

I found out in the middle of June as I was applying for a gun permit that I was denied because of an outstanding warrant for my arrest. I was COMPLETELY socked by this so I immediately called the Sandy City Justice court and found out that I indeed had a $297 warrant out for my arrest. It took some digging but we found out that it was for unpaid tickets that were received by the boy I sold the car to, he had never changed the title over to his name. I had to go plead my case to the court referee who luckily dismissed my warrant and tickets immediately due to the lack of signatures on the ticket and the fact that I could produce a bill of sale dating before the ticket issue date. I did learn one valuable lesson however, ALWAYS remove the license plates off our car when selling it, even in private sales!

You would also be glad to know I have since then finally been issued my concealed weapons permit.

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