Monday, June 25, 2012

Splish Splash

Last week we made a special trip to a new splash pad/playground by us and we LOVED it! It was the perfect temp and we got to play with our cousins and friends. For the most part my kiddos had no interest in actually getting wet. Sophie spent a good amount of time getting carried around by cousin Michaela, which she liked and the other part of the time reading and eating random things on the ground. Josh just made sure to be well hydrated on the inside and dry on the outside. Phoebe got wet for the first couple minutes & then spent rest of the time warming back up and playing on the playground. 
Cami was the only semi brave one who dipped her little piggies in a water puddle while the water was temporarily off & ran on the outskirts of the splash pad to avoid water contact. The rest of the time Cami played of the big kids playground climbing to the top of the way tall towers.
In spite of this play area being a bit of a kid nightmare, because there are a MILLION and a half kids everywhere, this is a pretty fun park and we will try and get back here to play again this summer. It was great for wearing out kiddos for good naps Josh ran right in the door and went upstairs to lay right down on his pillow for nap time, which is always AWESOME!

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