Friday, June 15, 2012

LDS Children's Museum

In the last part of November our family had several little outings, one of which was to the LDS children's museum. I have been meaning to to take my kiddos here for A LONG time and never had, in fact the last time we visited I think Phoebe was an only child so a return visit was definitely over due. To make any trip more fun we met up cousins (Aunt Julie & Afton) to play with.

Cami too to this bike that was attached to the wall, she would go play with something else but then ALWAYS find her way back to playing with the bike. The kiddos also enjoyed playing with the computer games, the Noah's Arc & building a temple with soft blocks, 
Once Phoebe discovered the Latin dress-ups she was in love.  She insisted this stuffed Chautauqua matched her outfit...I guess it sort of does aren't they of Mexican heritage too? Even Sophie got in on the dress ups, luckily I was quick with this pic because her tolerance in dressing her up was VERY short lived. They aso had a huge mirror you could dance in front of, Phoebe took the opportunity to instead see what it would look like if she had a twin.
Phoebe refused to take off her dress ups when leaving the small dance are, instead she wore them over to the Noah's Arc area and pretened to be a princess of the clam people...or something crazy like that. One of my favorite parts of the day, however, was to see cousin Afton dancing & spinning in her skirt so freely in front of the mirror while singing the sleeping beauty song. 
After about 1 1/2 hrs all the fun frolics wore miss Cami right out and we headed home, this time I will try not to let so much time pass before coming to visit again 

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