Friday, June 15, 2012

Dig Baby Dig

For the month of May, Kenecott was offering free admission to the Bingham copper mine and since I had never been there we had to take advantage of it.  This copper mine is the largest open copper mine in the world and can be seen from space.  The track in side the mine if lade in a straight line would be about 500 miles long.  The haul truck they use to mine the copper are 3x larger than a house and weigh more than a jumbo jet, you can see just one of their wheels behind us.
Josh was terrified to have us hold him to look out in the mine, instead he insisted on viewing from behind the safety bars of the viewing scoop or in the far corner there is a small space of chain link he could look through while standing in the ground.
They also had a visitors center you could explore with a bunch of cool facts and model trucks you could see, which Josh loved. Sophie seemed pretty indifferent to the whole ordeal, but was instead thrilled we forgot the strollers and got to be held the whole time. 
This was definitely a cool place to see if you are ever in the area, I am sure I will never get to see any other trucks like those giant haul trucks anywhere else in the world.

On a side note when I got Sophie up from her nap to go to the mine she had possibly the greatest bed head I have or will EVER see; I just had to take some pics. I am not sure what she was doing in her sleep, but that is for sure not how her hair looked earlier in the day!

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