Thursday, May 31, 2012

Misc. May Fergy Sightings

The end of May this year has brought us a roller coaster of weather, everything from mid 50s to low 90s, so we have done LOTS of different activities. I have finished some spring cleaning , which is not picured but instead here are the pics Cami obviously got when she stole my camera out of my purse while I was cleaning and took random adorable pictures of Sophie.
We have had lots of dress-up time during rainy days. I think we may need to put some boy appropriate dress-ups in out bin, even though he was sure proud of the outfit he chose his daddy was not.
On one of eh hotter days we made a tent in the back yard out of a sheet ducktape and dowels, which the kids LOVED!  Phoebe found it especially funny when bird later came and landed on her "roof" while she was reading her book inside of it.
Thanks to Pinterest I have found TONS-O-FUN ideas for our family and my cub scouts to do this summer.   One such idea was homemade Kool-aid was delicious & we will be making these MANY MANY more times! We have also made many refreshing smoothies too and Cami is always hilarious when she drinks hers because she gets the biggest milk-stash I have ever seen!
When the weather cools down we tend to lounge in our PJs and watch movies together, however, it is unfortunately the case lately that whenever I do try and do ANYTHING else out of Cami sight, I usually end up regretting it, such as was the case when Cami wanted to give Sophie a few more raisins. Or when I was making pancakes and I had to run-upstairs to get a crying Sophie, Cami decided to carry on with the pancake making without me. (Side Note: I did make her eat part of that pancake she made, I would have made her eat all of it, but later that morning she got a hold of the Salt & Pepper shakers and dumped the entirety of their contents over the remaining pancakes :( )
This Summer I am TRYING to be a less lazy parent and get out to do fun stuff with the kiddos so let's hope I keep up my zeal to make this the Fergy 2012 Non-Bummer Summer whatever the weather!

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