Monday, April 9, 2012

Misc March Madess

Cami is REALLY into makeup lately and here she found a marker and with out me knowing tried to apply her  own beautiful make up. I think it came out looking more like a scary clown than beautiful. 

We finally made it back to the Aquarium as a family, some place I hadn't visit since early December. Unfortunately, we chose to go on the same day I believe every kindergarten class in the school district was having their annual field trip there.

Sophie grew a tail! Really what happened was Phoebe made a bunny in preschool with a picture for the head, a marshmallow for the body and a pic and cotton ball for the bottom. Cami found the treat and ate the body out and must have thrown the bottom on the floor where Sophie later came crawling along and sat on the sticky mallow side.  Cory and & I laughed and laughed how Sophie sat so perfectly on it that she stuck a tail to her bum, and stuck it really was, I had to dig at this sucker to get it off her pjs to wash eventually them.

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