Monday, April 9, 2012

Doughnut Weekend- Spring Eddition

The end of march was general conference time again so that also meant time for the semi-annual Fergy DOUGHNUT WEEKEND!  Phoebe is now old enough to remember general conference means doughnuts and she was excited
During conference a miracle occurred and for a little while all kiddos, except for Shophes who was sleeping, all calmly sat and watched conference as a family. Towards the end, however, Cami got restless so she want out to sweep the patio.  At lunch Shopie joined the family again and had her first ever doughnut and was LOVIN it!
As always Sat evening during the priesthood session all the women folk and kiddos went to play at Grandma's and then met up with daddies for Shakes & Fries at Icebergs, which was another first food for Sophie & once again gobbled up & LOVED!
Every conference time I look around for fun activities for kids to do long with conference and I am always a little disappointed that the activities are for older kids, but this time Cory found the PERFECT activity for our week ones.  Every time one of the 1st presidency or an apostle spoke they got to color his picture/flower & then we put it up in our flower bed on the wall. Every speaker that came up to speak for 2 whole days got her attention as she asked, "Who is that, an apostle?"  Whenever I would said yes she cheered, because she know she would get another flower to color.  This is one activity I will definitely be doing again!
I am always a bit sad when conference weekend ends, I have come to love them so with all the wonderful speakers and traditions our family has developed to celebrate it.

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