Monday, February 20, 2012

Giddy Up Cowgirl

Last Friday Phoebe was invited to a Pink-nic Cowgirl Party for a neighbor friend Charley. The party was  cowgirl themed which meant rides on their ponies which Phoebe was ECSTATIC for! The party also had one other request which made Phoebe happy, instead of bringing gifts you are to draw about what makes you happy and right now Phoebe is really into drawing so she LOVED the time that I set aside to help her with this picture.  To make it even more special for her, I took out some special new crayons for her to use. This is what she came up with for her happy picture, besides the one flower and the words I helped with NOTHING else, it all Phoebe's great creation!
I was also really happy that there was professional photographer at the party since I couldn't stay to take pics. On a side note, I get a kick out of how EXTRA small Phoebe appears is in this pic...many of the kids are about her age.
Also I mentioned that Phoebe is really into drawing right now so I thought I would show one other creation she drew last night, the Fergy Family Portrait, minus any/all of her own immediate family:

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Ashley Ferguson Moreno said...

I'm so glad I made it onto her family tree!