Monday, February 20, 2012

Daddy Dates, Cami's Turn & Other Weekend Happenings

A week ago was Cami's date with daddy so to start off Cory let Cami invade my nail polish stash and pick out her own special color, she went with glitter blue & then daddy painted her nails.
They then left for Gardener Village to feed the ducks nice and early before any stores opened so they would have the whole place to them selves, which Cory said was great because Cams truly did just rule the roost there. Cami LOVED feeding the ducks and got a kick out of the little sparrows that kept following her around just waiting for he to set her bread down.

After Cami's daddy date we ran over to Grandpa & ma Fergy's to deliver Grandpa's valentine that she made him, she only made ONE and he was the lucky winner of it. (that's Phoebe's beautiful drawing of Grandpa Fergy just to the side of her valentine, she LOVES drawing people lately)
While there Grandpa Fergy had Cory make a Welcome Home Sign for all the grand kids to color for when grandma got home later that week. All of my kiddos enjoyed leaving their marks for grandma to enjoy on her banner.

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