Friday, February 10, 2012

9 Mos Old

I can't believe my baby turned 9 months on Sunday. To celebrate we took her to the Drs. for her 9 mo check up on the following Tuesday.
Weight: 16lbs 13oz (25% for girls)
Height: 26in (10% for girls)

This last month Sophie has grown up so much on me it is a crime!!!  She not only cut her first, but her second tooth too (you can't really see the 2nd tooth but it came the next day right next to her first)
Over the lat month Sophie had gotten to be a pretty good army crawler and really goes after what she wants.
Sometimes she just gets tired, however, and just falls asleep wherever she stopped crawling on the floor.
Finally Sophie likes to be in where all the action is and cries and cries at the bottom of the stirs if she is left behind.
My little Sophie is still the most smiley baby and even when teething she is 500% happier than any of my other children where. I am just sad she is slimming down (in the last 3 months she went from being in the 50% for weight to the 25%) and there isn't as much squish to pinch and kiss.

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McDowell Family said...

She is sooooo cute! I love her smile! When Brynn starting crawling she stopped gaining weight. She weighed the same at 9month and 12 months!