Friday, February 10, 2012

2 Dates for 2 months in 1 week

At New Years Cory and I made our list of our monthly date and for January we had an Xbox workout game night, but we kept finding ourselves never feeling up to it so we changed our date to something we knew we actually would do & that was watch Lost (we started watching it and have been obsessed with it & are through most of season 3 now). We decided that we would have a Lost date and create Dharma Initiative badges, and water bottles while enjoying the tropical fruit of the island. It wasn't anything grand but we really enjoyed it.

Because we kept pushing our January date back until it finally was January 31st and we had already planned and arranged for our February date to be Feb 3rd so then we had 2 dates for 2 months in 1 week. For February we had a bogo voucher & went to a new science interactive museum downtown, the Leonardo.
I have to admit this is a pretty cool museum. I don't know that I would pay full price for it, but you should go see it. When you walk in you are under a a GIANT "living" piece of art called the Hylozoic Veil. It is pretty cool and it moves and and reacted to people around it with infrared senors, you can read about it below.
This museum is like a big playground but not made for kids. It is a place where adults can learn and play some of the exhibits include:
Green screening
Mirror drawing...I know I am NOT an artist.
They also had a really AMAZING room dedicated to the civil rights movements in America.  They had pictures that I am not sure how they got including MLK's wife in her bed within the hour she found out her husband had been shot , another aboard Air Force One on her way to go see the Kennedy's & MLK in his coffin.  I just can't say enough about the HUGE photo collection all in order and every picture had a short expert of the people and story it told. The book below has all the pictures which would have been amazing to own but it was $45.
The museum also had a massive plastic art piece I didn't read what it was all about but probably showed the amount of plastic we waste on one day wth water bottles or something of the sort. The Leonardo had cool computer programs and Humongous screens where you could play with data comparisons in different Utah ...sound  boring I know but you get really sucked in. While you play around, they had these cool chairs for you to chill on;  it is a wood circle filled tightly with national geographic magazines.
Finally one of the most unique exhibits was the prosthesis area. We got to play with a mechanical hand, which are difficult to use, a hook hand, & wooden and carbon fiber legs and feet. In this area I learned several things: 1. Protetic legs are hard to balance on, 2. I can't loose a hand, because I stunk with both a hook and electrical hands 3. I would rather have a carbon fiber foot rather than a wood one, it was easier to walk on.4. Even the slightest bumps are much more difficult to walk on with prosthetic feet than stairs
After the museum we went across the street to Amore Pizza and Gelato. We got a small pizza which tasted wood oven authentic and great mint chip gelato. The place was tiny, only 2 tables, it mainly was in business  only to supply the next door restaurant which was PACKED with pizzas. Some of their pizzas were interesting concoctions (as you can read below) we, however, opted for a safe pepperoni and mushroom.
This was a pretty fun date, there was so much more at the museum that I didn't picture or mention so I would highly recommend it for any couple looking to have a fun time learning and playing.  

Next month's fun date adventures...the SL Home show; this is something we love seeing, but have missed out on for the passed 4 yrs.

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