Friday, January 6, 2012

New Years Eve 2011

This kids saw to it that we started celebrating New Years Eve from early in the morn, about 5:30am to be exact. I got up with them from 5:30 -7am then Cory traded me for a bit and I went back to bed fora bit. During the day we watched & cheered for the Utes who won their game and in the evening we joined a couple neighbors for a family friendly New Years Eve party. We made pizzas and enjoyed TONS of other food, unfortunately I gained 1/2lb from all the partying. 
At 8:30pm we made our own countdown and wore party hats and banged spoons together. 
After all the junk food, playing and staying up later the kids were definitely ready for bed at this point, so we had a bit of Martinelli's to celebrate and called it a night. We didn't do anything grand, but it was one of my favorite celebrations in a while.

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