Friday, January 6, 2012

8 Months Old

Yesterday our little Sophie Marie turned 8 months old.  She has begun to do so much in the last month she growing up too fast for me.  She just started with her raiment of rice/oatmeal cereal.  (My kids have always been less than stellar eaters so we usually wait till 8-9 months to start them.) Sophie also is getting to be a sufficient army crawler and you have to watch her if something is left on the ground she WILL eat it, so far in the last week other kiddos have left out stickers, dried noodles, green tinsel, etc...for her to eat and us to pick out of her mouth.
Sophie has also decided in the last month that she is now a thumb sucker so now all 3 girlys are thumb suckers, something I need to remedy, but haven't had the will to do. The bathroom scale says she weighs 16 lbs but we will have to wait another month for the official weigh in.  I know I have said it before it still goes that Sophie is the most patient and gentel natured little girl I have ever had and we just love her to bits!

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