Tuesday, July 5, 2011

June's Date Night: Christmas in Hawaii

For June's date night I came with the theme of Christmas in Hawaii. I also chose to make this another group date and invited several neighbor to join us. I and one other set of neighbors came dressed in festive Hawaiian wear.

To celebrate the Christmas part of the date I made each couple a stocking with both Christmas and Hawaiian goodies.  Each couple also make yummy goodies that thy normally only serve at Christmas time, I made hot chocolate, but seeing at it was 90 degrees I made frozen hot chocolate. Lastly, we had a gift exchange where we actually ended up with 2 useful gifts: and nice beach towel and Christmas CD.  
The whole night Phoebe was having a HUGE meltdown tantrum that she couldn't join us downstairs in her Hawaiian wear, so the next day I decided to dress them all up in their Hawaiian wear and take pics. Phoebe was really exited and smiled like a fool; Cami on the other, hand was a bit putout with me and the only time she didn't have a grumpy face was when I finally gave them all fruit snacks at the end. Oh well, I can't make everyone happy all the time and even when Cami is grumpy her faces still make me laugh.

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