Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rowena's Big Adventure Part 2

I finally found our MIA camera so here is the rest of Rowena's (Sophie's) big adventure.

At Altaview Hospital, where we delivered, they offer a "candlelight" dinner for you and your hubby, where you are provided with a special table in your room and delicious gourmet dinner & dessert of your choice.  This is one of things we look forward to most in the hospital.
While I was at the hospital we celebrated Mother's Day. Cory's mom brought me some beautiful tulips and a  chocolate and the hospital gave me a pink chocolate rose, which we gave to Phoebe who thought it was a special gift from Sophie.
After 4 1/2 days we finally got the go ahead to take our wee one home pending her passing the care seat test and two more feedings off the monitor without anymore oxygen desaturations, which she passed  both without any problems!
While we were on the hospital our kids were having a mini vacation with Grandma and Grandpa Potts.  Phoebe pained Grandma's nails took MANY walks with the dogs and took many trips to Grandpa's Big Car (Motor-home) which was parked down the street.
Coming home the kids were all very exited to see their Mom, Dad & new Baby Sophie, especially when baby Sophie came bearing gifts for them all.  Everyone got new PJs and Phoebe also got a new Princess doll to match her Princess PJs.
After all the kiddos opened their new Pjs & warmed up to Sophie a bit more they began to explore their curiosity towards their new sister a bit more.
Phoebe even decided to share her new doll with Sophie, which is a generosity she definitely did NOT share with her other siblings.
So far all the kids seem to really love their new sister although we have to closely watch them because we tend to have issues with loving either too much or not softly enough, but over all the Fergy SIX are adjusting and doing great!

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