Monday, March 14, 2011

How do you Deal with a Problem like Camille?

Cami is one of my most cuddly sweet babes, but she is also one of my MOST troubling ones too.
Cami is our resident busy body & climber.  She gets into everything and fast if you are not watching such as the pantry for some Trix and Phoebe's water colors.
For the past two days she has been learning to adjust to her new room setup and it has been disastrous. She wanders for hours and never seems to just lay down and sleep. Josh and Phoebe I believe would coexist with little to no problems if miss Camille would LEAVE them alone & sleep! The first night Phoebe, who refuses to sleep on her bunk bed so she made a bean bag her bed & Josh were quietly laying down to sleep after 1 hour; Cami on the other hand, took 2 hours and a couple check-in after attempting unsuccessfully to try & climb the ladder. Last night it took Cory going to lay with her to get her to stop wandering after 2+hrs.  Today after 21/2 hrs into nap time Cami still wandering and crying now because she is just extremely exhausted while Josh ell finally sleep through it all and Phoebe eventually moved herself to her old room and is sleeping on the baby changing pad on the floor.

Any ideas on how to get this girl to realize how tired she really is and sleep???

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