Monday, March 14, 2011

House Party Philly Cremes

Once again I was lucky enough to be chosen to host another House Party.  This time it was for Philly Cooking Cremes.  As a hostess I received a great new cooking pan & oven mitt and all the guests received coupons, magnets, cookbooks, notepads & cooking spoons.

Here are a few shots of the 3 dishes (Creamy Chicken Broccoli, Creamy Shrimp Tacos, & Stroganoff- my fav!) I made withe flavored cooking cremes.  I forgot to take pics until we were all done eating so sorry not the best photos, but all the dishes were WAY good! I also had fun St. Patty themed door prizes for a few lucky guests, okay well all the couples got a prize except for mom because I only had 5 prizes and 6 couples ended out coming.  Sorry mom- the only loser of the night, but at least you got a full belly of goodies.
It wasn't as large of a turn out as I had hoped, but we all had fun and I am really thankful for all who did make it, we all had a fun night!
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