Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Celebrating Green Day the Fergy Way

In the Fergy home we get excited about St. Patty's day.  In preparation for the celebration that would take place later in the week, we all donned on our green outfits for  church.
On St. Patty's day morning all the kids joined us in the bathroom as they do every morning. Phoebe especially loves to sit on the counter as Cory & I get ready in the morning. She feels it's her duty to remind me about us about our deodorant and to get daddy's shaver ready for him.
As we all approached the stairs, however they kids were all REALLY excited to see a little leprechaun had visited us in the night and left a green trail leading to his treasure.
The wins didn't really care to see what treasure was at the end of the trail. For them the trail was the treasure. After Phoebe followed the trail we quickly had to pick it up because the twins were quickly eating the chocolate trail without removing any of the tinfoil even.
Everyone enjoyed their St. Patty's Irish cereal, how is it Irish?  Well, Phoebe's Marshmallow Mateys are supposed to be Lucky Charms, but those were too expensive, Cami's Tootie Fruities cereal represents the Leprechaun's rainbow and Josh's Golden Puffs cereal is the Leprechaun "Gold".  The Leprechauns also dyed our milk green which Phoebe throughly enjoyed while drinking through her new shamrock straws & watching our new movie Mega Mind.
As I have mentioned in previous posts the kids aren't sleeping too well in their new beds so they are constantly tired during the day.  Cami put her new bag of cereal to use doubling it as a pillow.  We eventually had to put her cereal away because she kept dragging the bag around the house using it as a pillow and crushing it all up.
For dinner we enjoyed our traditional Irish fare of corned beef and cabbage, something Cory looks forward to all year long.  This year I added Irish Soda bread to the meal which turned out very yummy. Next year Cory has randomly requested turnips to also be added to the meal because he thinks it is fitting of the Irish dinner, however neither of us has ever tasted a turnip and we have no clue if we like them or not.

For dessert we enjoyed the green leprechaun trail...maybe next year I will actually get around to making one of he many, MANY yummy looking Green St. Patty's Day desserts I have saved in bookmarks.

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