Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bookstore Date Night

For March's Date night we finally got to do the Bookstore Date.  This is a date I saw on Love, Actually's blog over a year ago and wanted to do, but I had last year already all planned out so it had to wait until this year.  It was a fun date and the way we did it...totally free too!
The premise behind the date is you print off check lists that have you go around the bookstore and find different types of books to share with each other.
Here are a couple examples of our check list items. We were suppose to find a new recipe that you would like to try. Cory came up with seared duck while I chose bacon wrapped shrimp.
Some other results were, Cory would like to try horseback riding for a future date while I chose to have a cooking class together. Cory chose a book on Utah Parks and found a picture of Goblin Valley for a place he would like to visit while I chose a picture book on skylines & picked New York. We both found children's princess books to fulfill the requirement of Happily Ever After.  Finally, for the topic of self help books that apply to us Cory chose a book about turning common household items into your own workout gym and I chose a book with lots of worksheets in it about budgeting.

We opted to skip out on the fourth set of challenges and instead just returned home for some free ice cream and to watch shows we had already had saved in our Hulu queue. This was a pretty fun date which got us talking about lots of new topics & even learned something new about each other. We both thought it would be just as fun to make up a new list of challenges and repeat the date again next year. 

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Stacey said...

I love hearing all the creative ideas you come up with. You've given me some great ideas. Wish I was better at executing any of them!