Friday, September 10, 2010

Say Say oh Playmate...

Everyday around here is getting better.  As the twins are more mobile and active, Phoebe turns to them to play with and relies less on me and movies to entertain her for 10hrs of the day (YEAH!). With is then comes the good and the bad.  I love that she wants to play with hem, but it is all too common to hear Phoebe in the twiners room playing around when they were or are suppose to be taking naps, in fact we have had many timeouts over it. When I walk in Phoebe is always in Cami's crib jumpin' round.  Cami laughs and thinks it's great fun unless her sister tangles her up in the net then she gets agitated.
The twins as they can both crawl & sit themselves up on their own follow each other to play with the same objects & or the same trouble.  I love that they crawl over and interact with each other on a constant bases, they really are going to be the best of friends.

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