Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sew Determined: March Edition

March's sewing endeavor took me to the edge of my sewing talents.  I chose a simple dress pattern with lots of picture helps for the girls dress patterns.  The first dress I made was Phoebe's (on the right) it went smoothly even though it has a zigzag stitch.  For some reason I was afraid to do this part, I think it was because I was nervous that if I changed any sets on my sewing machine I would never get it to work gain, but it turned out if was SUPER simple to go between stitches. On Cami's dress I think I was over confident in my sewing skills and I messed up both sleeves by sewing them upside down or backwards, etc... all I know that is I probably added 2 hrs on to this dress trying to pick out 9000 stitched I kept doing wrong.  This is luckily a VERY forgiving dress.
To get a bit more practice I decided to sew some spring dresses for our neighbor girls.  I was refreshing to sew these because they went so smoothly and I really started to get good on a more uniform zig zag stitch.  I cut and put together both the red dresses in 4 hrs, where the purple dresses took about 2x as long. 
So look I not only did one sewing project, I did FOUR.
But wait that's not it!  For a bonus sewing project I made book covers from scratch.  One of Phoebe's Easter gifts is her first set of scriptures & case.  I know she is too young for them, but when I taught nursery there was a little boy who always brought in his scriptures and case every week and it was really cute.


Alan, Amber, Emma, and Zachary said...

Those dresses turned out darling! Look at you and your sewing skills! Also, those scriptures covers are darling ... Can I have the pattern to both the dresses and the scripture covers??? PLEASE!

Jason, Charisse, Savannah, Michaela and Lily said...

Good job! I want to make Savannah a scripture cover for her birthday. I want the patterns too!!