Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Meet Phoebe "Basket Case" Ferguson

I live with a total basket case LITERALLY. For some reason she thinks this Easter basket is a hat.  She asks "Oh where's my hat?" Then picks up the basket and wears it on her head.  She is almost totally blind when she wears it so that means she walks and crashes into everything. As if she isn't a big enough klutz already when she can see.
I do love this little girl to see her smile makes me laugh.  She was having a fot on Monday because I was taking pics of the twins (5 month pics) and not her, so this is her 2 yr 5 month & 10 day picture.

This afternoon I was  dressing Cami and I heard Phoebe just a talking in the hall. This is was I found, Phoebe playing with Joshie.  A first in the big sister book; normally she gives the babies the invisible treatment. I love to see her becoming more of a big sister everyday.

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