Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Miscellaneous Fergy Sightings

Princess Phoebs
I don't know if I have ever mentioned how much Phoebs LOVES dressing up!  Don't believe me, I have pictures from 3 different days to prove it.  The first was just a normal playing at home day, note she has 2 bracelets, 2 purses, a choker, earrings, and an exotic pet...Rodeo Drive here we come.
The second is when daddy told Phoebs if she got ready she could go with him to the church to do reimbursements. She reminds me of the women in the BofM with all her fine jewlery.
The third is from today when she told me she needed to go potty.  I said okay let's go, but before we could go up stairs she had to grab a princess crown, bracelet, earrings, and princess wand.  Little to say, she no longer had to go potty by the time we actually made it to her potty.
Dino Land
A couple weeks ago Cory had a huge project to get out so for almost 2 straight weeks Cory received no more than a couple hr of sleep a night (usually from 4-6 am).  Little to say, by the end he was was exhausted so I made him take a day off and sleep in and play with his family.  For the playing part we went to Dino Land in the mall.  We had wanted to go to wheeler farm but it was too cold outside.  So instead Phoebes discovered she now loves this little play land.  While in the mall they had a little train that kids can ride, but we are too cheap to spend 12 dollars on 5 minutes of happiness so instead we let her ride the escalators up and down.  I know we are a little ghetto, but she was still enjoyed and it was FREE.
Like Father Like Son
I came in the house this weekend to see this.  Daddy fast asleep with little brother...Oh no, not another one who can sleep anytime anyplace.
It Happens
This is what sometimes happens when you have 2 wee ones of different genders.  Josh wet out at grandmas, but I only had one spare outfit in the diaper bag.  This is not only VERY girly, but a newborn size (he currently wears 6-9 mos).  These were not suppose to be capris. Daddy says that poor Josh is going to need some professional help to get over humiliations like this one. 

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Taylor Family said...

I love that Josh is wearing his sister's clothes, he's going to hate that picture when he's older. Ashlynn has had to wear her boy cousin's clothes for the same reason, but somehow it seems worse for a boy to have to wear girl clothes. Love the picture though, I was cracking up!