Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Grandma+pa Potts Come to Play

Last week Granma+pa Potts & doggies (their dogs are two of Phoebes most favorite of God's creations) made their annual homage to our casa to visit the wee grand kiddos and just in the nick of time! While mom and dad were on their way driving from Oregon I had to call and say hurry up and come help us, we're having water spraying everywhere in the kitchen.  Our kitchen faucet broke and so water dripped down in the cabinets and sprayed way up all over the kitchen. Little to say our visit started with Cory learning some basic plumping as my dad taught him how replace our kitchen faucet; we now have a new fancy kitchen facet.  The rest of the visit we were able to enjoy our perfect weather by playing outside.
We decided to take advantage of the 75 degree weather by going to Wheeler Farm; this has been on our to do list for many months now.  Phoebe enjoyed walking all over the farms pointing out all the different animals.  I think the pigs were one of her favorites.
While Phoebs ran over the whole farm the twins rode in style. We were stopped many times as total strangers looked and laughed at the twiners in their cool shades.
One day when grandma+pa Potts were visiting Daddy and Josh were twiners.  We didn't do this on purpose we bought them the same shirt from he same store on two different shopping trips. It didn't even dawn on me that I had done this until daddy came down for the day and I thought, "Oh Josh is wearing a shirt like that today." Daddy made me take two picks because of Josh's immodesty in the first one. The original picture made me laugh though; especially when you see Josh's sour face in the next picture when Daddy put down his shirt, so I posted both of them.
On the last night we enjoyed some ice cream for desert, which has never been one of Phoebs favorite, but she is an ice cream believer now.  Ever since that night, when I get Phoebs in the morning and ask her what she dreamt about she always tells me, "Ice cream;" she has the best dreams!
As a little gift to the kiddos grandma+pa Potts bought this miniature bench; as you can see by Phoebs expression she was really excited to have it.
After the short visit we were really sad to see grandma+pa leave, but the kids had had such a good time that no one really wanted to take their normal naps which made for really exhausted kiddos for the next couple of days.
Thanks for coming to visit Mom & Dad and we all can't wait until summer to see you again!

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Alan, Amber, Emma, and Zachary said...

Wow, you have been up to some FUN, FUN things! We had a playground in California in the mall that we would have play dates at. A lot of little kids would pile in and it was so much fun!! I love that little bench for your wee ones!!!