Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Some of our Favorite Things: March Edition

In March we have discovered many new fun things to do in the Fergy home.  The first favorite thing is the Baby Seat & Toys; we finally pulled them out from the closet and the babies love sitting in it and playing with toys which they hold so much better than Phoebs ever did.
Here is many of Phoebs favorite things.  She found my future present stash and raided it.  This whole outfit were things she stole out of the stash.  She looked so cute & happy I didn't have the heart to take it away from her.
Our last favorite thing is bath crayons & markers.  Phoebs LOVES doodling on the side of the tub. She has me and her draw dozens of little pictures then wipes them clean and starts over. Upon receiving these markers her baths significantly lengthened towards the 2+ hour time frame.  When she finally gets out of the water it is usually because I have bribed her with a treat at lunch and her little hands and feet are complete prunes.   

Even Cory & I have gotten enjoyment out of tub crayons; these were little drawings Cory did for me.  It always make my mornings better when I get in the shower and see a new drawing from him.

Note: the fish (sardines) pictures are in reference to Cloudy with and Chance of Meatballs, when the headline reads: "NEWS: Sardines are Really Gross." Well, that's what we think of our kids too, so now we call them all Sardines.

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