Saturday, November 22, 2014

The twins are FIVE!

Toward the end of October the twins turned 5 and for their class party they choose to hand out juice and doughnuts this year.
I must admit we procrastinated getting their gifts together a  little too much this year and at 11pm the night before Cory was looking through his childhood Legos set to put together a set Josh could have and I admit a parent fail when I didn't count closely and realized at 11pm I forgot to buy Josh's last b-day gift so Cami had one more...we rectified that the next day I took him to Walmart to pick a movie. I am glad they are not old enough to notice or care!!
For the twiners birthday breakfast they had some of the best cinnamon rolls I have ever made....really DELISH!
We decided since the one present in the morning work so well for Phoebe's B-day and the dramatic decrease in fights we then had over new toys all day long we did the same policy for the twins.
For a second breakfast we took the kiddos for Chick-a-filt's free breakfast day with lots of friends from our neighborhood.
After Cory got home we opened up the reast of the b-day gifts, which had been killing them to wait for all day!
The birthday dinner requests this year was soup for Cami and pizza for Josh.
We got to have a few friends over for dinner and cake this year which is always a treat. this year the twins requested not getting a cake but making THEIR own so we got a mummy kit and they loved making their own chocolate treats.
The twins had a pretty fun birthday this year especially when we factor in after the cake they got to stay up extra late and come with Mom & Dad to mutual where they ran in the gym got cookies and lots of older kids to wish them a Very Happy 5th Birthday.

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