Friday, July 11, 2014

Sophie Says Good Bye to Her Terrible Twos

In the beginning of May my baby Sophie girl left her terrible twos behind, but I couldn't let this happen without one last picture of my two yr old.
The next time she opened her baby blues she was THREE!
We started off the celebration with cake batter pancakes and sprinkle frosting syrup, a Fergy kid favorite!
We then opened gifts. Sophie didn't ask for much for her birthday, but she did ask for duck tape so we got her the girly-est duck tape I could find and she LOVED it!
Sophie is also really into trucks like Josh so we found her a Sophie sized digger, which caused some serious brotherly jealousy issues.
During the day we just played and had normal nap time, but I did let the 3 youngers all nap together in my bed for a treat.
For dinner Sophie chose to have pizza and then go pick out her birthday cupcakes from Walmart, she chose Hello Kiddie ones after we told her no to the full sized truck themed sheet cake.
After treats it was bed time, but not of course without one last picture and a quick birthday interview, which just proves that the Duck tape was one of her most favorite gifts she received!
I can't believe my baby is three now, she promised she wasn't going to grow up on me.

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